molecular biology educational software

john a kruper jkjk at tank.uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 23 19:52:50 EST 1990


As a new member of the network, I am attempting to survey sources for
molecular biology software that may have utility to the undergraduate 
and graduate biology classroom.

At the University of Chicago, we are developing an Educational Bio-
Computing facility to enhance learning in the biolgical sciences (with a concentration on molecular themes).  Our computer-assisted instruction interests
include a wide range of software options -- from laboratory research programs
(sequence analysis, enzyme kinetics, pattern searching, etc.) to informational
databases (including hypermedia) to sophisticated open-ended simulations and
multimedia enviroments.

If anyone can provide any informationa on such software, or can point us to
possible sources, we would be very appreciative.

Additionally, we would be intereted in hearing from other educators/researchers
who use computers to augment the learning process.  Perhaps we could begin a
diaglogue to share ideas, experiences, etc.

Correspondance can be addressed to:
	John Kruper
	Biological Sciences Collegiate Division
	The University of Chicago
	Gates/Blake 214
	5845 S. Ellis Ave.
	Chicago, Il.  60637

(E-Mail) JKJK at tank.uchicago.edu


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