Software publishing - an "electronic scientific journal" ?!

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Tue Feb 13 20:07:07 EST 1990

In article <9002131921.AA00110 at net.bio.net>, FUCHS at embl.bitnet ("Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL) writes:
>  I include an extract of a mail message that I received the other day from a
>  Spanish scientist, Ricardo Sachez Carmenes.
>>          I would like to make an informal proposal of setting a sort of
>> "electronic scientific journal", based on the EMBL server as a very
>> appropriated link between European molecular biologists. The aim of such
>> "journal" could be "publishing" molecular biology software tools submitted
>> for "publication". Some kind of selection procedure ("referees") should be
>> settled to select what is worth and what is not. Those submissions that
>> would pass the selection procedure would go to the software server, together
>> with a short text (in the style of a short paper or short communication)
>> describing the pogram included. At some kind of regular intervals, and index
>> of the newly accepted "articles" could be sent to other similar servers in
>> the world and to Current Contents and the like.

This sounds like a moderated newsgroup to me, not a bad idea.

If this is actually done, I think there need to be a few basic rules about 
the code: people should be prepared to put aside their preconceptions about 
the type of system everyone else 'should' have be it UNIX/VMS/MAC/IBM-PC, and 
prepare stuff that could be successfully ported to any reasonable environment.

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