Reading and translating sequence formats

Don Gilbert GilbertD at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Mon Feb 26 15:37:48 EST 1990

ReadSeq is a set of program source code routines that will read nucleic 
acid and protein sequences stored in the following formats: 
   Stanford/IG, Genbank, NBRF, EMBL, GCG, DNAStrider, Fitch, Pearson, 
   and Zuker.
As well, it will convert a file to a new format.  Data files may have 
multiple sequences.

The program is available in C and Pascal flavors.  The C version includes 
command line and batch processing of files, and is written in ANSI C, and 
works with many micro and macro computers.  The pascal version is UCSD 
style.  This source code, copyrighted by me, may be freely copied and used 
by anyone.  Developers are encourged to incorporate parts in their 
programs, rather than devise their own private sequence format.

You can get ReadSeq from the anonymous ftp archive at IuBio (ftp 
iubio.bio.indiana.edu, user anonymous), in the directory 
        -- Don 

Don Gilbert  biocomputing office  / archive for
gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu   / molecular & general biology
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