tar-Z archive decompression under VMS?

Roy Smith roy at phri.nyu.edu
Wed Feb 21 23:36:40 EST 1990

davison at UHNIX2.UH.EDU (Dan Davison) writes:
>> Is there anywhere a utility available to decode [tar.Z] files under VMS?
>There are a number of public domain sources of Un*x-style compress(1) for VMS.

	Once you've got the file uncompressed, you still have to untar it.
For that, you might want to try a program called asphalt which is supposed to
be a tar implementation which runs on VMS.  Not having any VMS systems, I've
never tested it myself.  You can ftp it from goober.phri.nyu.edu.  Look in
the pub/vms directory.
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