Genetic Linkage on the mac

Fri Dec 7 15:11:07 EST 1990

oivindb at ulrik.uio.no(\ivind Braathen) writes:
>  I work as a medical geneticist-in-training at the Institute of
>medical genetics, University of Oslo, Norway.
>  I am on the look-out for two types of computer programs,

>preferably ftp-able from some site:
>  1) Programs for linkage calculations and/ or risk calculations,
>knowing markers/ recombination frequencies / prior probabilities
>of disease.
According to the LINKAGE newsletter distributed by Jung Ott,
there IS a macintosh version of LINKAGE available. You might want
to write to find availability.

I tried porting LIPED a year or so ago. The PC version was impossible
to port, due to some compiler-specific things in Microsoft FORTRAN.
I have a working version of the VAX LIPED, (which uses a different
input file than the PC version).

There are a couple of MacPain karyotype files up on the EMBL server.

-Peter Markiewicz

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