MacMolecule; posted in info-mac

Fri Dec 7 14:06:35 EST 1990

I ran across this in the latest info-mac digest; thought it might
be of interest to the net. This was originally posted by
JAHNKE%JSBACH at arizona.edu; no other identification was given, and
our broadband internet connection is currently completely hosed
so I can give no more information than what is said here. Caveat
"MacMolecule is a 3D Space Filling program, which will take text
files with atomic coordinates and render a 3D model which can be
manipulated in real time. We are releasing this version to get
feedback on further updates.
"Updates (probably) include:
   Ball and Stick
   Wire Frame
   Beta Sheets
   Interactive Building of Molecules
   Online Editor of Molecule Files
   HyperCard XWindow to display molecules
   Support of entire Macintosh family
"We are open for comments, please read instructions to see who[m]
to contact and how. [Again, note I, JAH, do not have access to this
Currently requires Mac with 8-bit color and math coprocessor."
(end of quoted material)
The application is archived at the info-mac archives in two pieces,
each a stuffed and binhexed file, thus:
/info-mac/app/mac-molecule-part1.hqx, and
totalling about 430k.
I have no connection with this product; hell, I haven't even SEEN
it yet. It just looked potentially interesting. If anyone knows
more about it, a followup post might be justified.
Josh Hayes, Zoology, Miami University, Oxford OH 45056
jahayes at miamiu.bitnet, jahayes at miamiu.acs.muohio.edu

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