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Here are my first impressions of TheNews. I downloaded it from SUMEX-aim
at 14:00 using hyperFTP (nice programme). Worked on it with Stuffit to extract
the documentation and application. Installed it on a MAC with MACtcp by 14:30
Read the documentation, and decide to try to use it to post to BIONET.SOFTWARE.

The programme is fast, and is very much better than the hypercard
The user interface is "user-irresistable" as the author Bill Cramer points out.
The documentation is excellent... light and easy to read. I simply follow the
Quick start method and had the programme up and running after reading 4 pages.

The style is very reminiscent of ANU NEWS for VAX which is very visual...
point and click. The programme is Shareware and you can test it out for a
period of 30 days.

The manual covers reading newsgroups, reading articles, posting articles,
followups. There is also a very nice appendix called posting guidlines which is
an excellent primer on how to work with USENET.

Uncle Rob sez... if you have a MAC with MACtcp and a link to a usenet server.
get this programme... it may possibly be the next best thing to sliced bread.

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