Usenet News reader for Macintosh

Mats.Sundvall at BMC.UU.SE Mats.Sundvall at BMC.UU.SE
Wed Dec 5 14:30:47 EST 1990

Today a message was posted on comp.os.mac.software about a news reader for
macintosh. I downloded it from sumex-aim and tried it out.
I must say it is the best I have seen for reading news on a mac,
and it is not Hypercard based. Written by Bill Cramer. It is called TheNews. Of
course you still nead a NNTP server and MacTCP with
a TCP/IP link to your server. But if you have that I think it is worth the
shareware price of 25 USD.


Disclaimer: I have now connections with Bill Cramer. I only tried his news

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