Brookhaven coordinate format

Anders Sundin sundinKC at dna.lth.se
Thu Dec 13 08:27:01 EST 1990

levy at snoopy.Colorado.EDU (Sam Levy) writes:

> Would anyone know of a program that would produce
> 3-D graphics images of molecules that are defined by x,y,z
> coordinates in the Brookhaven Protein Data Base format.

> The important point is to allow visualization of molecules in either
> a wireframe and/or "ball and stick" format. Color coding and
> other such enhancements are not that important.
> Accurate representation of the data set in pseudo or in actual
> stereo image mode are important considerations.

I am the author of MacMimic, a program for the visualization, construction
and comparison molecular structures. A Macintosh II family computer is
needed to run MacMimic. A colour monitor with 256 colours is also required.

A fully functional demo of MacMimic, except for the saving or printing of
structures, is available via anonymous ftp from pollux.lu.se in the directory pub/mac/demo
I will soon upload a new demo version where the speed of parsing a PDB
file is improved by a factor of 10.

The demo is also available from info-mac at sumex-aim.stanford.edu.

MacMimic can display and handle structures with up to 32000 atoms as
wireframe or ball and stick models. Models can be displayed in stereo.
Colour is used to indicate atom type, but individual atoms or whole
structures can be painted in other colours. The 3-D impression of models
is improved by a configurable depth cueing.

Printing in black and white or in colour is supported.

Structures can be input from the MolLib library of structures, or obtained
from a database as a PDB file (Brookhaven Protein Database file) or as an
XR file (Cambridge Crystallographic Database file). Structures can also be
imported and exported to the Macintosh applications Ball&Stick and Chem3D.

MacMimic has a powerful structure editor which can create new or modify
existing models.

MacMimic is distributed by:
                            InStar Software AB
                            IDEON Research Park
                            S-22370 Lund Sweden
                            Fax: (46) 46-128022
 Anders Sundin                       e-mail: sundinKC at dna.lth.se
 Organic Chemistry 2,                        ok2aps at seldc52.bitnet
 P.O. Box 124                        phone:  +46 46 108214
 S-22100 Lund, Sweden                fax:    +46 46 108209

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