Problem with UseNet and the Mac

Wed Dec 19 15:06:00 EST 1990


	In 3 days our antique VAX 11/780 is being sent to that great
trash dump in the sky and thus we'll be out of communication with the
network for a while.  We're being upgraded to a VAX 6350 which should
be on line around January 14, 1991.

	I'd still like to read the words of wisdom from ya'll so have
made an effort to try to get to our UNIX box and deal with those news
reader programs that there has been so much talk about recently.

	Big problems......

	First off, I'm on a MacIntoshIIcx connected to our departmental
appletalk network which is connected to the campus ethernet via a Kinetics
Fast Path Box.  I can get to all the computers on the campus ethernet
via NCSA Telnet 2.3 -MacTCP- and thus have MacTCP v. 1.0.1 in my system
	Secondly, I've tried the following programs from my Mac with
varying results (with or without multifinder running):

Program				Result
-------				------

TheNews 1.0			I can connect to the UseNet
			server and see a scan of ALL the available
			UseNet news groups, but when I highlight one
			in an attempt to "Add group" I am told that
			there are "0 read" and only "1 available.
			Even though there are many available.
			Also, when I attempt to save the "News Group
			File" the program bombs with the error
			"Application 'theNews' has unexpectedly quit"

netnews reader 1.2.1		As above, I can connect to the
			UseNet server but in addition I can successfully
			subscribe to a group, or several for that matter.
			However when I click on the "eye" to read the
			postings in a group, I am told the following:
			"You only have permission to transfer"

Mews 1.4			As with netnews reader, I can connect
			to the server and subscribe to several groups,
			However, when I attempt to read a posting in a
			group, I get the following error:
			"Error: 502 You only have permission to "
			Since Mews also has the ability to read e-mail
			I've tried that and obtain the following:
			"Error TCP Status Failed"

	Thirdly,  ALL of the above programs work as they should
when I truck my little body down to our computer center and use
them on a MacIntoshIIcx which has an ethernet card in it and thus
is directly tied to the campus ethernet backbone.

	Without actually going and getting an account on our Unix
computer and directly logging onto it to read UseNet or going to
the computer center and using their MacIIcx,  has anyone also
observed this problem and are there any solutions or other
suggestions to get any of these programs to work from my apple
talk connected MacIntosh?

	I suspect the problem is with our FastPath box but really
haven't a clue.  Thanks in advance just for reading this sad, sad
story but there are several of us here with various kinds of Mac's
who have observed similar results and will have UseNet widthdrawal's
if we are forced to go over 3 weeks without.........

	Bruce A. Roe
	Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
        INTERNET: BROE at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu
	BITNET:	  BROE at uokucsvx
	AT&TNET:  405-325-4912 or 405-325-7610
	SnailNet: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
		  University of Oklahoma
		  620 Parrington Oval, Rm 208
		  Norman, Oklahoma 73019
	FAXnet:	  405-325-6111
	ICBMnet:  35 deg 14 min North, 97 deg 27 min West

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