Problem with UseNet and the Mac - SOLVED

Wed Dec 19 17:47:00 EST 1990

I recently posted a message regarding a problem connecting to our
Unix box using various MacIntosh based programs.  Thanks to Don Gilbert
at Iubio.Bio.Indiana.Edu we were put on the correct track and the problem
has been solved.  It turns out that those of us with Macs on the apple
talk network were not listed on our NameServer.  Tisk.Tisk........
By not being listed on the NameServer our Unix box didn't know anything
about us.  We now are included on the NameServer and all is well.

This is twice (at least) that the network has come through with
solutions to problems for us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all,

	Bruce Roe,
	University of Oklahoma

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