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There is the KINETIC_MODELLER of Hargrove et al. (1990)
for Macintosh described in BioTechniques 8: 1-6.

It is for modeling gene expression. Dr. Hargove's
program is available on our Biological Sequence/Structure
Computational Facility (BS/SCF) at UGA OR from
Dr. Hargrove in Food and Nutrition, University of
Georgia, Athens, GA OR
University of Georgia Research Foundation, Cosmic Program
382 E. Broad St. Athens, GA 30602 for $25.

Jonathan Arnold

I am looking for a program that will run on an IBM-PC, Mac, or VAX
that will allow me to simulate the kinetic progress of reactions. The
reactions that I am interested in are nucleation/polymerization
reactions as in the case of actin, tubulin, etc.

The ideal program would allow me to type in a reaction scheme, and
rate constants, and would plot the progress of the reaction versus
time. Does such a program exist, and if so where can I obtain a copy.

Peter Prevelige
Dept. of Biology
Cambridge, MA. 02139

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