Brookhaven coordinate format

levy at snoopy.Colorado.EDU levy at snoopy.Colorado.EDU
Wed Dec 12 21:16:19 EST 1990

Would anyone know of a program that would produce
3-D graphics images of molecules that are defined by x,y,z
coordinates in the Brookhaven Protein Data Base format.
This program should be able to run on a UNIX system
but operation on either a Mac or an IBM-PC (in that order
of preference) would be other alternatives.

This program, if it exists, would allow some limited
manipulation of the molecule in real time
but this is not a necessity.  The important
point is to allow visualization of molecules in either
a wireframe and/or "ball and stick" format. Color coding and
other such enhancements are not that important.
Accurate representation of the data set in pseudo or in actual 
stereo image mode are important considerations.

Thanks in advance.

			Sam Levy
			University of Colorado, Boulder
			Internet: levy at snoopy.colorado.edu

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