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Dr. David Curtis dcurtis at crc.ac.uk
Mon Dec 10 05:37:03 EST 1990

In article <OIVINDB.90Dec6143655 at ulrik.uio.no> oivindb at ulrik.uio.no writes:
>  I am on the look-out for two types of computer programs, 
>preferably ftp-able from some site:
>  2) Graphics programs to draw pedigrees from basic family information
>(i.e. typed from the keyboard or put in a file).
>  Programs to run under Unix would be of most interest, but
>also DOS-programs.

I recently published a notice about a pedigree-drawing program which
might be of interest (A program to draw pedigrees using LINKAGE or
LINKSYS data files. Ann. Hum. Genet. 54 365-367). It runs under MSDOS
and is freely available to academic and public health institutions. I
haven't submitted it to an FTP site (yet) and probably the best way to
get it is to send me 5.25" floppy disks, though I suppose I could try
experimenting with e-mailing it if somebody _really_ wanted. Output is
to old Microsoft Paint style bitmap files, which can be printed off
using Microsoft Windows, Wordperfect 5.*, or directly onto an
Epson-compatible dot-matrix printer. 

If you would like a copy please write to me at the Middlesex enclosing
the appropriate number of disks:

Disk 1: PEDRAW + documentation + TABLE, a utility to produce tables of
lod scores from MLINK and LINKMAP output, and prepare graph files of lod

Disk 2: A few utilities to view, resize and join together Microsoft
Paint files.

Disk 3: EASIPLOT, a general graphing program which can be used to draw
graphs of lod score v. distance/recombination fraction using the graph
files produced by TABLE. 

Disk 4: EASISTAT, a general (not genetic) statistics program which works

Email me if you would like further details about any of these.

Dave Curtis

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