Unix vs. other multiuser computers?

Don Gilbert Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Thu Aug 16 16:25:29 EST 1990

I'd like to hear from others in molecular biology about your favorite 
flavor of multi-user computer operating system.  We are using a VMS Vax 
for GCG software, but I am looking rather longingly for Unix computers in 
the future.  VMS has an air of obsolescence about it -- today's 
programmers write for Unix first, and if time permits, someone ports it to 
VMS.  I won't touch the VMS file handling system, whereas Unix is duck 
soup.  The good sequence analysis software from GCG is the only thing 
really tying us to VMS, and it sounds like a Unix version is near.

Could everyone who has an opinion on what the most powerful &/or most 
popular multi-user system for molecular biology will be in the next 5 
years, please reply to me.  I will summarize the responses with a followup 
message.  Let me also know if you are a molecular biology software 

Also, if you have a favorite multi-user/workstation computer (e.g.,  SUN 
SParcstation, NeXT cube, Silicon Graphics IRIS, Vax, etc.), I'd like to 
hear what it is.

-- Don

Don.Gilbert at iubio.bio.indiana.edu    
biology dept., indiana univ.,  bloomington, in 47405, usa  

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