Floppy GB 55 or 57 needed, via FTP, quickly!

Dan Davison dbd at evol2
Thu Aug 16 22:09:05 EST 1990

Due to the recent change in format, I need to have access to GenBank floppy
disk format files; one or two divisions is sufficient.  Does anyone
have them available for FTP?  The current files on genbank.bio.net cannot
be used with this particular software.

Background: The Molecular Evolution Workshop at the Marine Biology Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA is building a computer center for the duration of the Workshop,
8/19/90-8/31/90.  The sw in question (both Mac and PC) need the compressed
version of the database, and of course I forgot to bring my 'hernia model'
set of floppy binders of GB 57.  Can anyone help?  We can FTP from all PCs
and Macs, as well as the vaxes and Suns.

Thanks in advance, and please note that this note comes from a different
address than my usual.

dan davison
dbd at evol2.mbl.edu, altho I will see "davison at uh.edu" once a day or so.

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