Data acquisition software wanted

fineberg at wums2.wustl.edu fineberg at wums2.wustl.edu
Mon Aug 13 15:12:15 EST 1990

  Dr. Phyllis Stein at the Washington University School of Medicine is
trying to implement a simple ECG data acquisition program for a PDP 11/23
running RT-11.  The A/D device she is using is the AXV11-C and she would
prefer that the code be in Fortran IV.  Any data acquisition code using the
AXV11-C would be greatly appreciated.
  Her e-mail address is stein at irene.wustl.edu.  Please reply to her
directly.  If you can't reach her that way try US Mail or phone:
	4566 Scott Ave  Box 8113
	Applied Physiology
	St. Louis, Mo  63110
	(314) 362-2392

Charlie Fineberg	Dept. Biochemistry, Wash. U. Shc. of Medicine (WUMS)
Box 8231, 4566 Scott Ave.		  BITNET: FINEBERG at WUMS
St. Louis, MO 63110			internet: fineberg at wums2.wustl.edu
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