Update on molecular biology software from EMBL File Server

"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL Data Library Rainer.Fuchs%EMBL at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU
Thu Aug 9 05:13:00 EST 1990

Here follows a short list of new programs or updates received since
1-Jul-1990. A small modification to the server software has been made to
facilitate downloading of split files: you have to specify part one only,
i.e. filename.uaa, and you will automatically receive all parts of a package.

Those who have never used the file server before should send a mail message
to NETSERV at EMBL.BITNET and include the lines
to get information on how to access the server.


EPIPLOT.UUE    -  Prediction of B and T cell epitopes from protein sequences
                  (L. Menendez-Arias, CABIOS 6 (1990), 101-105)

MARS.UUE       -  Finds sites in DNA sequences which can easily be changed
                  into restriction sites by one or two base exchanges
                  (J. de Boer)

PRNTGL.UUE     -  Prints HGPL files (like GCG output) on matrix or laser
                  (C. Ravitz)

SEQAIDFD.UAA   -  New version 3.7 of this sequence analysis package
                  (D. Roufa)


CGR.HQX        -  Chaos Game Representation of DNA sequences
                  (H. Lehvaslaiho)

MACPATTERN.HQX -  Pattern searching using Prosite database
                  (R. Fuchs)


CKIT.UUE       -  Toolbox of C routines for writing sequence analysis prgs
                  (W. Gilbert)

FASTEMBL.COM   -  DCL shell for submitting EMBL Mail-FASTA searches
                  (E. Sonnhammer)

MSE.UUE        -  Multiple sequence editor
                  (W. Gilbert)

READSEQ.UUE    -  General sequence format conversion program
                  (D. Gilbert)

SEQEDT.UUE     -  Sequence editor, modelled on EDT
                  (W. Gilbert)


GM.UAA         -  Analysis of unknown DNA sequences
                  (C. Fields)

MASE.UAA       -  Multiple sequence editor
                  (D. Faulkner, TIBS 13 (1989), 321-322)

MFASTA.UUE     -  Script for using EMBL/GenBank Mail-FASTA services
                  (T. de Boer)

PLSEARCH.UAA   -  Pattern detection in protein sequences
                  (R. Smith)

PROSEARCH.UUE  -  Pattern searching in proteins using Prosite
                  (L. Kolakowski)

SIGSEQ.UUE     -  Prediction of signal sequence cleavage sites
                  (A. Popowicz, CABIOS 4 (1988), 405-406)

TREEALIGN.UUE  -  Multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny
                  (J.Hein, Meth. Enzymol. 183 (1990))

Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.
EMBL Data Library
fuchs at embl.bitnet

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