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Keith Elliston elliston at av8tr.UUCP
Wed Aug 8 13:51:13 EST 1990


At the recent Bio-Matrix meeting I recall hearing a lot about various
strain databases.  I really didn't have any application for such databases,
so I didn't pay a lot of attention... Well, Murphy strikes again.  It seems
that I now have a user that desparately needs a strain database to keep track 
of over 6000 E.coli strains.  He needs to have data on their genotype/phenotype,
parent strains, characteristics, plasmids, restriction map data, and etc...
He wants to be able to pull this stuff out of the database by using 
a characteristic, a plasmid, or perhaps even a restriction fragment as
a query.

So... does anyone have a model of a similar database that they are using?  
Would they perhaps even have one that is based upon some Macintosh application
(users here love using their macs)?  Would they even be able to get me 
started on putting such an application together?

As you can see, I would appreciate any and all help, suggestions, hints on the

Thanks in advance....

Keith Elliston

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