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Roy Smith roy at phri.nyu.edu
Fri Aug 3 20:24:39 EST 1990

In <6946.26b9a433 at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu> smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu writes:
> either a lot of sequences were lost in delivery, or we still have a s/w
> problem (sigh). 

	I know a lot of sequences were dropped on the floor at phri when
our network link was down for a while, so mcclb0 didn't get them either.
Whether that accounts for the missing killolocus or not, I can't say.  It
is clear, however, that, at least given the current technology, the tape
copies of the database still have to be relied on as the only authoritative
ones, with the network updates being value-added, but not (yet, if ever) a
full replacement.
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