More about the USENET updates: VMS software.

smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Fri Aug 3 15:20:03 EST 1990

      We have just installed our new GenBank release (64) and have attempted 
to strip the USENET update bank of the sequences now to be found in the bank 

      In doing so we found a bug in the way that a small number of dates were
decoded: the bug was caused by the presence of an extra blank in the date
string, and only affected 2-3 days in the three month period.  This bug has
been fixed, and the updated s/w for VMS is available as NIGHTLY.1 from our
MAILSERVer, or via anonymous/FTP.  However... 

      In running the program to eliminate the duplicated sequences we found
that of the approximately 4,600 sequences in our update bank, 1,700 were
duplicated in the new GenBank release, using 11-May-1990 [provided by
GenBank] as the drop-dead date for this release. However, the number of new
sequences in this release is about 2,700, or 1,000 more than we found.  Since
the USENET 'delivery' started close to the drop-dead date for release 63,
finding 1,000 sequences in the new bank not found in the update bank doesn't
sound right: either a lot of sequences were lost in delivery, or we still
have a s/w problem (sigh). 

      We will look into this problem in the next two weeks.  Until we resolve
it we intend to keep our unstripped update bank on line here.  Any comments,
or reports of experiences at other sites would be helpful (Roy?, Dave?,

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