News about UH Genbank-server

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Mon Apr 23 18:44:26 EST 1990

Anonymous FTP:

The University of Houston Genbank-server has expanded, with files from
the EMBL File server and other sources.  By the end of the week, anonymous
FTP will be available for the PIR *data* files (protein.dat and new.dat),
and all of the molecular biology software.

When the anonymous FTP is up and stable, a short announcement will be
posted here with more details in the bio-software group.

Updated indices of the Mac, Dos, Vms, and Unix directories have been posted
to bio-software this afternoon.


To get started with the UH Genbank(*)-server, send the subject line
	Subject: help

	genbank-server at uhnix2.uh.edu

from the internet, and
	genbank-server%uhnix2.uh.edu at CUNYVM

from the BITNET, and
	...uhnix2!genbank-server  or
	genbank-server at uhnix2.UUCP

from the Usenet.
Comments and questions should be sent to davison at uh.edu or DAVISON at UHOU.

	The software will ignore your request if it does not contain a
	Subject: line.  


I would like to thank the Vice President for Information Technology at 
the University of Houston, Dr. Ira Weiss, the University Computing Center,
the Institute for Molecular Biology, and Mr. Alan Pfeiffer-Traum for 
their support of the Genbank-server.  The server is also made possible by
a collaboration with Rainer Fuchs of the EMBL Data Library and Rob
Harper of EUROSOFT, and all those authors that have freely contributed 
software to the molecular biology community.

dan davison

(*) The UH Genbank-server is not funded by NIH or its contractor or subcon-
tractors on the GenBank contract.

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