FTP access to PIR and UH Genbank-server software files now available

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Thu Apr 26 13:57:54 EST 1990

     PIR and genbank-server molbio software available via anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP access to the PIR (protein.dat and new.dat files only at present)
is now available at lavaca.uh.edu []. The PIR files are
in the directory pub/genbank-server/pir as compressed files.  They must
be transferred in binary mode only.  The files will be updated as new
releases become available.


The DOS, Unix, MAC, and VMS molecular biology software available via e-mail
from the genbank-server are now available via FTP to lavaca.uh.edu
[].  The files are in the
directory, with subdirectories
	Dos, Mac, Unix, and VMS

The files are all obtainable through normal ASCII (type A) FTP, no binary
mode is needed.


1) There is an extensive collection of molecular biology software at the
IUBIO FTP archive maintained by Don Gilbert.  The software on this server
may or may not be present on that machine.  It would be best to check
both for the latest version of any particular package.

2) Questions and comments should be directed to davison at uh.edu or
DAVISON at UHOU (bitnet) or davison at uhnix2.UUCP.

3) This resource is not funded by or connected in any way with NIH, the owner
of the GenBank trademark, or its contractors on the GenBank project.

4) This facility is made available via the courtesy of the Vice President
for Information Technologies at the University of Houston, Dr. Ira Weiss,
and the University Computing Center.  Special thanks to Mr. Alan Pfeiffer-
Traum of the UCC for his assistance.

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