Macintosh sequence analysis programs

Wed Apr 11 13:25:59 EST 1990

  This is Peter Markiewicz, announcing the availability of
a large set of public-domain DNA and protein sequence analysis 
software for the Mac. The set, currently at 15 800k floppies, contains
general-purpose analysis software and some unique programs that 
do things unavailable in commercial software. I also distribute
a newsletter/review "using the Mac in molecular biology". A recent
addition to the sequence analysis set is programs able to do multiple
DNA/protein sequence alignment, such as Russell Doolittle's NEWAT
  I also can provide (limited) support/advice to people who are trying
to program the mac,since I've used virtually every compiler available
at one time or another. If you have a program that you are willing
to provide the source code for, I am willing to try porting it to the
Mac, or give estimates on how realistic a port is.
  Currently, you can get the software by sending floppies(see below),
but I prefer sending .HQX encoded files directly through e-mail. If
you are interested in getting these programs, please contact me at
this address. If you can't use e-mail, you may request the software
by doing the following:
  1.Call me at 213-825-8924
  2.Send 15 floppies with blank labels and initialized to 800k
  3.Also send a self-addressed return envelope with $2.40 (USA) or
    stamp equivalents.
  To repeat, I really prefer that you contact me through e-mail to
get the programs and newsletter.

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