VAX files on the UH Genbank-server

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Mon Apr 23 18:25:37 EST 1990

New programs, from the EMBL File Server, have been added to the VMS
archives on the UH Genbank-server.  (*).  The index is attached.

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(*)The UH Genbank-server is not associated with nor funded by NIH or its
GenBank contractors or subcontractors.


Index for VMS directory, Genbank-server at uhnix2.uh.edu

Size   date        file          description

 77169 Jan  6 15:06 clark_sh_gcg  DCL scripts for VAX/VMS GCG package
 53877 Apr 23 17:05 clustal.uue   Phylogenetic sw for VAX/VMS
186320 Apr 23 17:05 gcgembl.uaa   scripts GCG, including bug fixes
171390 Apr 23 17:06 gcgembl.uab
153383 Apr 23 17:07 gcgquick.uue
  2693 Jan  6 15:12 help
 94701 Apr 23 17:08 motif.uue     motif finder
103536 Apr 23 17:08 pattern.uue   pattern finder
186324 Apr 23 17:10 treealig.uaa  Hein Tree-driven alignment pgm (neat)
 63076 Apr 23 17:11 treealig.uab  pt. II
 59543 Apr 23 17:12 zoo.uue       zoo dearchiver for VMS

All files courtesy of EMBL File Server
(last change 4/23/90 dbd)

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