need PD probe (Tm), oligo pgm

Fri Apr 20 21:28:00 EST 1990

On 22 Feb '90, Dan Davison <davison at UHNIX2.UH.EDU> sent the following:

DD>Subject: need PD probe (Tm), oligo pgm

DD>A student in the department needs a program which will calculate
DD>oligo Tms for making probes for sequencing a region which is (1)
DD>highly repetitive and (2) unreachable by Sequinase (tm?).

Do you still need such a prog?  I have just written one for the IBM-PC
family of computers which will calculate melt_temps for DNA sequences of
14 to 80 bases using the algorithm on page 11-46 of Sambrook et al.,
It will accept degeneracies, treat them as mismatches, reducing the
melt_temp by 1 degree for every 1% mismatch.  Sorry, but it's for MS-DOS
computers only.

If you need it, let me know....


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