Wanted: Graphic Protein Display Program

Brian Utterback blu at millipore.millipore.com
Fri Apr 13 09:37:35 EST 1990

I hope that this is an appropriate newsgroup to post this in.  I am posting
for a friend who does not have net access.

Anyway, he is looking for a program that will allow him to look at the 
structure of a protein given its amino acid sequence.  It should ideally 
run on an IBM-PC under DOS, but something that runs under UNIX and X-windows
would also be suitable.  (I would also be interested in any that run on 
the SUN) It should also be fairly cheap or even free if possible.  Anonymous
FTP access is ideal.  He says that there is a program at Harvard called
"Charm" that does what he wants, but this is hearsay.  

So, if you have any info on this "Charm" program or any other program that 
does this kind of thing, please send me a note at the address below and I 
will relay it on to him.  Thanks in advance.

Brian Utterback, Millipore Corporation, 75G Wiggins Ave., Bedford Ma. 01730
Work:617-275-9200x8245, Home:603-891-2536
INTERNET:: blu at millipore.millipore.com
UUCP:: {samsung,cg-atla,merk,wang,bu-tyng}!millipore!blu

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