Wanted: Graphic Protein Display Program

Jerry Lotto lotto at lamia.harvard.edu
Thu Apr 19 08:21:33 EST 1990

Sorry if this is duplicated, inews rejected it the first time....

>>>>> On 18 Apr 90 21:58:45 GMT, shenkin at cunixf.cc.columbia.edu (Peter S. Shenkin) said:
Peter> The leaders in the field are Quanta, by Polygen Corp., Newton, MA, and 
Peter> Insight, by Biosym Technologies, San Diego, CA.  There's also Biograf,
Peter> which I hear may not survive, a few others.
Peter> If anyone knows of public domain packages, please post!

Although not public domain, its gov't origins ensure very low cost...
BBN in Cambridge, MA markets Prophet.  It has been around for a long
time and tends to be more popular in clinical fields.  There is much
improvement required in the chemistry that it knows, but it does have
pretty impressive graphics, database, and table handling capability.
In any case, it is available for Suns and a number of other UNIX

I edited down the newgroups line a bit - it probably should be cleaned
up more if we are going to discuss the relative merits of these

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