U.K. AMBER contacts

N70DJP at ne-london-poly.ac.uk N70DJP at ne-london-poly.ac.uk
Wed Dec 20 10:33:22 EST 1989

     Depends what you need, and on your equipment.
Academics can use AMBER on the Crays at ULCC (Julie Altmann,
QUANTUM-CHEM at ULCC). Alternatively, Clark Still's MACROMODEL package
provides not only a wide range of graphics functions (including building
DNA, carbohydrate, RNA and/or proteins), but also sophisticated energy
calculations with force fields such as MM2, AMBER (modified!) and OPLSA.
It might include CharmM and even solvation soon. There are facilities
for modifying and testing force fields. I have used The MMV20 release
successfully with just a VAX and Tektronix 4200 emulation.
     The UK contact is Dr. Nigel Richards, Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of
Southampton (try 0703-59500 x3598 or SYSTEM at UK.AC.SOTON.CH.VX1).
Eventually you need to sign Clark Still's licence agreement and send 400
dollars (Prof. Still, Columbia Univ., SL$MODEL%CUCHEM at EARN-RELAY ).
There are rumours of ports to workstations like Silicon Graphics and
     Since we cannot afford to repair our clapped-out 11/780, I am also
interested in low-cost PC or similar packages like ALCHEMY  or Oxford's
for teaching as well as research.

P.S. Depending on your system, my email address may be either
N70DJP at NELP or N70DJP at PEL.

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