GenBank-Server DOS files bad!

Dan Davison davison at UHNIX2.UH.EDU
Sat Dec 30 21:30:16 EST 1989

Eurosoft folks: I have discovered a very bad problem in the
DOS archives on the UH Genbank-Server.  

[ one user reported: ]
> However, none of the program archives in the DOS directory
> makes an self-unpacking *.exe file that works.  When executed, the computer
> just hangs and must be rebooted.
So I went back to my originals on my home PC (luckily I kept
them..it's a 140 MB hard disk).  NONE of the files except UUEMBL.UUE
produces a usable .EXE file.

After spending all last night and most of today uploading the files
and testing (and rebooting and rebooting and rebooting....) everything
appears dead.  Even EXEMOD, which comes with the MicroSloth C
compiler, complained about each file's .exe header.

Some experimenting with debug and PAK shows that I did a no-no: most
of the files are .PAK archives, not .EXE self-extracting executables.
Looking at the script which generated them, sure enough, the /EXE
option was left off the PAK command line in most (but not all cases).

I will spend the next two days correcting the problem; I expect that
by 2 January 1990 all files will be restored on the server, and that
they will produce working .exe files.

My apologies to all for any problems and wasted time that has resulted
from this mixup. 

dan davison

ps. There have been about 300 accesses of the DOS files...but only 3
complaints.  ?????

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77054-5500/davison at uh.edu/DAVISON at UHOU
Disclaimer: As always, I speak only for myself, and, usually, only to

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