PC Molecular Modeling

B_FOLEY at uvmvax.bitnet B_FOLEY at uvmvax.bitnet
Tue Dec 19 17:01:00 EST 1989

    We have a package here called alchemy that is great for 3-D chemical
structures on an IBM PS/2 model 60.  It will run on any 286 or 386
machine with graphics capability I believe.
    It is good for structures up to the complexity of about 15 base-pairs
of double stranded DNA, above that it gets very slow.
    It shows sterio views of the molecule, such that you can cross your
eyes, or use glasses, and see the molecule in real 3-D!  I don't have
the address of the company right here at hand.  Write back if
you are interested and I will look it up for you.
                                Brian Foley
                                B_FOLEY at UVMVAX.BITNET

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