[Automated-sequencing] Re: Need help with converting an old Sequencher file

Phillip San Miguel via autoseq%40net.bio.net (by pmiguel At purdue.edu)
Wed Nov 1 19:50:28 EST 2006

Martin MOKREJŠ wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am not sure whether this is the right list to post such user
> problems ... but I have received a file with some old sequence data
> created on an old Mac around 1998/2000, maybe with Sequencher but
> who knows. Definitely, current versions of Sequencher cannot open
> it. Inspection of the file contents reveals at least a part of the
> file contains words like "Gel FilePDMF", "ABI1", "36-well
> sharks-tooth", "377 MODL", "377MTXF", "Mac IIsi", etc. Is there
> anybody on the list who could successfully open the file from
> http://www.iresite.org/~mmokrejs/pSN_1-814 in any software and get
> at least the sequences out (if not the annotation)?
>>From the postscript file placed at
> http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~genome/Papers/clark.html I actually think it
> is a Gel File from ABI Prism 377. Still, I don't have the software
> to open it. I would be very very gratefull for any help.
> Martin
If it is a .gel file then the actual sequence text and even the trace 
file would not have been generated yet. The gel file needs to be 
processed into a .abi file. Anyone have a 377 console they could give 
this a shot on? If not you could try looking for an old program, I think 
it was called "bass", that ran under unix but could track gel files.

Purdue Genomics Core Facility

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