[Automated-sequencing] Re: Need help with 3700 computer

Phillip SanMiguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Wed May 17 20:54:01 EST 2006

Paul Shinn wrote:
>     Hi everyone, maybe there are still some 3700 holdouts like our lab.
> Our last operating 3700 has a corrupted database on the Windows machine
> and really the only thing I could see doing was a reinstall of the
> Data Collection v1.1.1.  I have done this in the past successfully but
> it just isn't cooperating this time.  This is for the Dell 410 machine.
> Has anyone else done this themselves?  I have even tried a re-image with
> the ABI image disks but it doesn't get the name of the D: and E: drives
> right.  When I install Collection after that and try to start up 
> collection, after rebooting and logging in, I get a message that one or
> more services has not started.  Collection complains that the database is
> not running and quits.
> I'm not on service contract but I initiated a call.  The service engineer
> cannot be here until next Friday (10 days away).  I just can't wait that
> long.  If you have an old 3700 you no longer use, I am willing to buy your
> Windows machine if we can have it delivered soon.
>           Thanks, Paul
Hi Paul,

I used to blow out my 3700 database on occasion by putting too many runs 
in it. I looked for my protocol for re-installing it, but failed to find 

I used to always get that "one or more services is not started" message 
every time I rebooted. Could never figure out what it was referring to. 
Never had any effect I noticed. Although I may have had to wait until it 
happened to successfully start Data Collection.

Also, this is unlikely, but are you sure that the message you are 
getting isn't just the typical "Data Collection is already running" 
one--the one that is cause by persistence of the lock file after a Data 
Collection crash?


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