[Automated-sequencing] Need help with 3700 computer

Paul Shinn shinn at salk.edu
Wed May 17 09:27:49 EST 2006

    Hi everyone, maybe there are still some 3700 holdouts like our lab.
Our last operating 3700 has a corrupted database on the Windows machine
and really the only thing I could see doing was a reinstall of the
Data Collection v1.1.1.  I have done this in the past successfully but
it just isn't cooperating this time.  This is for the Dell 410 machine.

Has anyone else done this themselves?  I have even tried a re-image with
the ABI image disks but it doesn't get the name of the D: and E: drives
right.  When I install Collection after that and try to start up 
collection, after rebooting and logging in, I get a message that one or
more services has not started.  Collection complains that the database is
not running and quits.

I'm not on service contract but I initiated a call.  The service engineer
cannot be here until next Friday (10 days away).  I just can't wait that
long.  If you have an old 3700 you no longer use, I am willing to buy your
Windows machine if we can have it delivered soon.

          Thanks, Paul

Paul Shinn                   shinn at salk.edu
SIGnAL                       http://signal.salk.edu
Sequencing Coordinator       http://genome.salk.edu
(858) 453-4100 ext 1796

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