[Automated-sequencing] Slab Gel v Capillary Sequencing - Question from an economist

O'Connor, Alan C. oconnor at rti.org
Fri May 12 11:31:43 EST 2006

Hello, I am an economist working on a study of the transition from slab
gel (ABI 377) to capillary array sequencing (ABI 3730 or MegaBACE 1000).
I have reviewed the literature, but have some basic questions about the
amount of time it took to use a slab gel instrument. Can someone help? 


Here are my questions:

How long did it take to mix, prepare, pour, and set up the ABI 377? I
know this is supposed to be very time consuming, but I haven't been able
to find out how long it actually took. I'm interested in number of man
hours involved - meaning the actual manual time which excludes the time
needed for the gel to set.


How long did it take to do the post-run lane retracking? This is
supposed to be really frustrating, but I would like to know about how
long it took to do it for an ABI 377 with 96 lanes.






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