[Automated-sequencing] Band compression in 3130 capillary sequencer

regertz at aol.com regertz at aol.com
Tue Jun 27 10:23:48 EST 2006


We're using a 3130 capillary sequencer (formerly a 3100 but modified)
to read large amounts of MLST data (about 500 bp sequences).  The
sequence is generally beautiful but using PoP 7 polymer as recommended
we keep getting band compression at the start of the sequence will
leads to overlap and miscalls and forces us to read sequences one at a
time.  PoP 6 tends to give us low signal read in the 3130 so we'd like
to avoid it.  While we have in part solved the problem using extended
primers (up and down) we have a lot of previously prepped sequence that
we'd prefer not to junk.  I understand some folks have licked this
problem and I'm looking for help.  Thanks.

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