[Automated-sequencing] Re: Question regarding tray on deck error

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 9 11:16:51 EST 2006

Jeannine wrote:
> Hello.  I was reading the posts from last year regarding the error
> message "Tray on deck does not match tray type in run setup".  I am the
> sequencer for the Core Lab facility at Virginia Tech, and am running a
> 3730.  I have had this error pop up twice now, within the last month.
> The first time it happened, the ABI service technician had me replace
> the sensors on the gripper.  This seemed to "fix" the problem (as was
> stated in the other post), but today I ran into the same problem.  As
> was mentioned, it seemed to happen in the middle of processing the same
> plate-the first half of the plate ran without a problem, but the error
> occurred when processing the second half of the plate.  I tried
> shutting down the system and rebooting before trying to run the second
> half of the plate.  This seemed to work for about 30 min. into the run,
> at which point the autosampler grabbed the buffer plate and stopped.  I
> again tried rebooting the system, but this time the autosampler grabbed
> the buffer tray and pulled it underneath the sample plate-pulling the
> cord connections out!  At this point, I decided to wait for the service
> technician :-).  I was wondering if any of the previous technicians
> posting on this site were able to resolve this issue?  Any suggestions
> or advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
> Jeannine
Hi Jeannie,
	That was us. The answer is yes, but recently the exact same problem 
cropped up again. 2 days ago a ABI FSE replaced all the sensors in the 
gripper. That seems to have fixed the problem. That being said, my 
memory was that when this happened months ago the same problem cropped 
again shortly thereafter and another service call was necessary.

Good Luck,

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