[Automated-sequencing] Re: variation in libraries was: Autoseq Digest, Vol 4, Issue 5 - Email found in subject

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Wed Sep 21 11:35:19 EST 2005

Duncan Clark wrote:
> Historians believe that in newspost 
> <mailman.683.1127317265.29381.autoseq at net.bio.net> on Wed, 21 Sep 2005, 
> Phillip San Miguel <pmiguel at purdue.edu> penned the following literary 
> masterpiece:
>> If, however, you are using the strains that Invitrogen normally 
>> includes with it's cloning kits--those give us enough trouble that we 
>> toss them and buy DH10B electrocompetant cells.
> Which strains don't work for you?
> Duncan
I stick with DH10B, DH5alpha and the XL's where I can. Many other 
strains caused this issue (although a long time ago.) Top10 has given me 
the broad peak issue.

But to tell the truth, this might have only happen with a miniprep 
method we no longer use...


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