Lab set up for 3700

McNeely, Suzanne suzanne.mcneely at invitrogen.com
Wed Sep 24 13:37:31 EST 2003

We are having a 3700 installed in our lab that currently has only 377s. My
facilities department is having issues with the height of the 3700.
Apparently 53" will require that I climb a ladder in order to load the
plates if it is placed on a benchtop. Facilities would like to place the
instrument on the floor which I'm strongly against. I was wondering what
other labs have done to accomodate the height of the 3700. I'd like to
consider a lowered platform but wonder about accessibilty for the service
technicians. Can anyone give some advice about how they have dealt with the
size of the 3700 and user/service technician accesibilty in their labs?


	Suzanne McNeely

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