3700 Data Collection v2 extractor can invisibly delete

Dr N.I.Leaves nleaves at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri May 16 04:26:45 EST 2003

>     To follow up: my laser has been replaced. But now Applied Biosystems
> is saying that the "block dropping" phenomenon probably has nothing to
> do with the laser. Rather version 2 of data collection can start to drop
> blocks in the way I describe above if the sequencer and computer are not
> restarted every 2-3 days!
>     Given that version 2 is set-up to allow continuous running (rolling
> loading) this seems most unfortunate. Restarting the sequencer wastes
> all the polymer that is in the sheath flow shringe.
>     Has anyone seen this phenomenon?
> Phillip SanMiguel
> Purdue Genomics Core Facility

Hi Phillip,

our three 3700 machines are run pretty much constantly, I reckon we
restart the computer and sequencer about once every two weeks. I have
never seen the dropping out you describe.


Dr N I Leaves
Sequencing Specialist and Key Account Manager
MRC Geneservice
Babraham Bioincubator, Babraham
Cambridge, CB2 4AT, UK
web: http://www.geneservice.mrc.ac.uk

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