Some-help sequencing of pDONOR Gateway vector

Alejandro Gonzalez agonzalez at gemabiotech.com
Tue May 6 13:36:01 EST 2003

Hi, I need some help about how I can improve my sequencing results of the
insert in pDONOR 201 vector we purchased to Gateway.

We had a high and not resolved peaks at the enter of the sequences
chromatograms. We tried increasing denature time step during each sequencing
cycle, we added more sequencing mix (I'm using dye Enamic Et-Terminator
premix for MegaBACE of Amersham Biosciences). I don't know what another
things I could try to improve my sequencing performance. Most of the insert
template with 500b - 1Kb show this problem.


Alejandro Gonzalez
Gema Biotech


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