generate pdfs from trace files

Sven Klages sven_klages at web.de
Mon Jul 28 16:07:06 EST 2003

Hi Bernd,

as mentioned earlier, it's a good idea to use
the 'vtrace' program to create PostScript-Files
from ABI traces in a batch.
It's the easiest way to convert ABI's format
to something more 'popular'.
Vtrace has been written by Phil Green and Brent
Ewing; it seems that this program has vanished
from the public www  ... ;-)

>From PostScript to PDF is it just a short way; using
'ghostscript' seems to be the easiest way.

Here we are : ABI->PS->PDF , on a Unix(Linux)platform.

I think 'trev' from the Staden Package is also capable
of producing PostScript-Output; let's have a look at

If you're familiar with programming e.g. in Perl it
might be interesting having a look at
and/or the bioperl project page (www.bioperl.org).

You could assemble your own "trace file" .. ;-)

HTH, Sven

Sven Klages
Max-Planck-Institut f=FCr Molekulare Genetik
- Pro~Science -              Ihnestr.63/73
14195 Berlin (Dahlem)        ** Germany **

Bernd Weisshaar schrieb:
> Dear All,
> does someone know a program (or script) that generates pdf's directly
> from trace files?
> Ideally, the program would have a command-line interface (to be
> scriptable) and settings that allow to generate an output similar to
> the prints from Sequencing Analysis.
> Best regards, Bernd


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