Sequencing with POP-6

Laurence Hall lhall48108 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 2 11:01:04 EST 2002

 Laurence Hall <lhall48108 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Colleague(s),

I have recently come to a lab which routinely performs genotyping with the 3700 and thus uses POP-6.

Formerly, I worked in a lab which dedicated the use of the 3700's to sequencing and therefore used POP-5.

I am about to commence sequencing in conjunction with genotyping and presume that I am obliged to stick with POP-6 for both, in terms of what has been validated; Is that right ?? That being the case, are there 'Fast read methods' for sequencing with POP-6 similar to POP-5, where the AB conditions have been modified somewhat ??

Finally, version 2.0 data collection has recently been installed on our 3700: has anyone concurrently run sequencing with genotyping plates which supposedly is one of the advantages of version 2.0

Thanks for any advice


Laurence Hall

Cardiac Genome lab,



LSH11 at le.ac.uk

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