3700 spatial calibration

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Thu May 30 15:45:35 EST 2002

Klaus Thorleif Jensen wrote:

> we had an abi 3700 array with multiple capillaries shut down.
> After a nitric acid wash, nothing was changed at first.
> After a second nitric acid wash (3 weeks after the first wash) and a
> spatial calibration, we fully recovered all of the shut down -
> capillaries and the array is as good as new.
> My question is: Is this happening because of the succesive acid washes
> or is the spatial calibration doing anything to optimize the output
> from indivual capillaries, that are out of alignment.
> Klaus

After a spatial callibration, I typically edit the spatial file and "open" the
capillaries that the software has "closed". After a few runs these "blocked"
capillaries produce good sequence. At least that has been my experience with the
4 or so arrays that I've used in my instrument.

Phillip SanMiguel
Purdue Genomics Core Facility


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