3700 spatial calibration

Dr N.I.Leaves nleaves at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu May 30 05:12:55 EST 2002

> My question is: Is this happening because of the succesive acid washes
> or is the spatial calibration doing anything to optimize the output
> from indivual capillaries, that are out of alignment.

A spatial for each capillary will pass or fail based upon signal
intensity. I don't think that at the level of passing or failing a spatial
the alignment of the array should be an issue, although it is used to
subsequently calibrate the bin for each capillary <can anyone confirm

I think that you have un-blocked some capillaries either by running
another acid wash or by just using the array in the weeks between the 2
spatials. Irrespective of whether a capillary is marked as blocked it will
be filled with polymer and pressurized every time you make a run.

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