Chris Spolsky spolsky at acnatsci.org
Fri Mar 29 12:12:44 EST 2002


A laboratory research assistant position is available in molecular
genetics and evolution.  The position involves general laboratory tasks,
preparation of clones and libraries, PCR, performing sequencing reactions,
running a Beckman CEQ2000 sequencer, and data analysis and sequence

A minimum of a Bachelor's degree in biology is required, Master's degree
preferred. At least two years laboratory experience in molecular biology is
required.  Applicants must have a strong interest in molecular biology and
evolution, be flexible and willing to work hard. The position requires
being attentive to detail, having excellent organizational and
communication skills, being able to work both independently and as part of
a team, and being dedicated to doing the best job possible. Familiarity
with computers, including experience with DNA/protein sequence analysis,
and with genome database search and analysis
programs, is required.

If interested, please send your resume by email or snailmail to:

Dr. C. Spolsky
Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195

spolsky at acnatsci.org


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