Instrument file issues

Andre andren at rom.on.ca
Thu Mar 28 17:40:35 EST 2002

Hello all,
     I am new here, but we have been having trouble with our ABI 377.
Since having the camera replaced we have had trouble with our
instrument file.
     We attempted to create a new one using Data Utility and the Big
Dye standards.  However, using this new intrument file we are only
able to call ~450bp of the pGEM plasmid standard.  After that the
peaks become fat and blurry.  We suspect the standard sample files
used to create the instrument file are not perfect.  Even though there
has been no leakage problems (we are using a paper comb, we have tried
the sharktooth comb as well) we are still seeing some irregular
baseline readings of the other three colours with each standard.
  Does anyone have any suggestions, links, or ideas that may help?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Andre Ngo                   email: andren at rom.on.ca
                            tel:(w) (416) 586-8094
                            tel:(h) (416) 533-9293

Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
            Royal Ontario Museum
             100  Queen's Park
              Toronto, Ontario


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