What comes after the human genome for sequenceing?

SEM walkmori at sover.net
Mon Mar 25 19:16:15 EST 2002

I am interested in working in a firm that manufactures optical filters for
genetic sequencers. One of the customers has indicated a major slow down in
build rate of sequencers. I asked about the meaning of this and the reply
was that the human genome has been sequenced and now the focus is on
figuring out how to use the information. As a result, orders for sequencers
has slowed down.

Can I expect a continued decrease in the building of genetic sequencers?

I recently learned that the human genome is only "accurate" to 1 ppt as far
as it representing any given individuals genome.

Does this mean that in future medicine, where gene therapy plays an
important role, a patient's genome will need to be sequenced with greater
specificity before treatment?

If so will this require point of care genetic sequencers?


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