Need: protocol for direct sequencing of PCR product

Bruce Roe broe at ou.edu
Sat Mar 23 10:12:22 EST 2002

Koren, et al,
	We have several protocols for direct sequencing from PCR
products, on our protocol web page at URL:


Specifically, look at:


Spence, Koren R wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can find a protocol for direct sequencing from PCR
> product?
> We have been trying (unsuccessfully) to sequence PCR product on our MJ
> BaseStation.  We have been using Qiagen PCR cleanup kits and Sequencing
> reaction clean up kits, but even still, nothing is working.  Any information
> or advice would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank you.
> Koren Spence
> Molecular Biologist
> Bedford Institute of Oceanography
> ---

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