ABI 377-96 Collection software problems?

Bob someone at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 22 10:22:56 EST 2002

Hi all -

I am having problems with the ABI 377-96 Collection software v 2.6 on an ABI
PRISM 377. This is the most recent update from ABI. Often when doing a
"Pre-Run" to warm the gel up to temperature, the software is supposed to
drop into a 30 second countdown that you can see in the Status window, and
then go into operation mode. What mostly happens with us is that the
software drops directly into operation mode (skipping the 30 second
countdown), but never actually runs. You then have to terminate the run and
try again. The same thing also happens when you want to start the actual
run. A new Run folder is created each time you have to terminate the run and
try again. Often times we have to do this several times to get the software
to engage. The machine is not in my lab, but the lab it is in is well aware
of the problem and have contacted ABI who says there isn't a problem. In
addition, I ran a large sequencing reaction last night on the machine and
everything seemed normal. When I went to collect the data this morning, it
was as if nothing ever happened - Gel File was 24k, no evidence of anything
being written.

Are problems like this familar to others on this list? Any suggestions?

Thanks -

Dennis Shubitowski
Michigan State University
College of Veterinary Medicine


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